Thursday, October 29, 2009

Knit Wits

Knit Wits, Part I:


After their exciting day at the mall for a family portrait at JC Penney, Bob and Carol decided it was time to finally tell the children that they had, in fact, been stolen. Also that Carol's failed corrective surgery to uncross her eyes would probably leave her blind. And that Bob's religious sect was planning on moving them to the hills of remote Utah to live in a cabin without running water, electricity or an indoor toilet. And that child services was planning on taking son Johnny away due to his emotional violent outbursts and recent tragic baby bunny slayings. And that the baby would have to go through a harsh round of exorcism, after last night's bout of speaking in tongues and cursing the rest of the family members to hell. Now who wants Orange Julius?!

(Thanks to Knits Yours, Knot Mine for the inspiration from this vintage 80's sweater booklet!)


  1. You really had me cracking up with this post. lol I needed that. It's been one of those week.

  2. LOL, love it! The kid in the back looks like he's in training to be a bond villain. Great post Kim.