Sunday, October 25, 2009

Prints Charming Sunday: Miró, Miró On The Wall.


Welcome to this week's Prints Charming Sunday! I don't usually sell or showcase 80's fashion here- yes, I appreciate the hell out of it, in an appreciation-for-retro way or in a nostalgic nod to my youth kind of way (a la black rubber "Madonna" bracelets). But let's face it, most fashion from the 80's is generally pretty fug and is best left for trendy, art school hipsters to bastardize it in the name of irony, like they do everything. Parachute pants? Acid wash jeans? Neon sunglasses? You crazy 20 year old kids can have it, thanks.

And then there's Maude. And then there's Miró.


Joan Miró (April 20,1893 - December 25,1983), you could say, was ahead of his time. But then, you could probably say that about most surrealist artists. Born in Barcelona, he studied at a fine arts school in Spain which layed the foundation of his influence from different art trends, whether it be from colors used in Fauvism, shapes from cubism, down to Roman frescos in churches. Surrealism means sense-turned-nonsensical, whimsical, abstract, all thrown together. It's one of my favorite styles, and Miro one of my favorite artists.


Carnival of Harlequin, 1924-1925

Back to Prints Charming Sunday. Today's pick is offered by yours truly, at FAST EDDIE'S RETRO RAGS. Enter the novelty print. Not just any wacky print, one that that both incorporates today's art history lesson and screams "80's" at the same time, but doesn't make you want to completely puke. It At least, that's how I feel about this Vintage 80's Art-Inspired Novelty Print Blouse.

It's obviously heavily-inspired by the work of Miró. I was young, but I do remember a resurgence of the art movement in the 1980s that made art and artists mysterious and uber hip again, in a way that hasn't felt so new and fascinating since the underground Beat artists of the late 50's. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a novelty print fanatic or, day I say, one of those hipsters, I think this blouse covers all the bases of "wearable art." What do you think? And who are your favorite artists/works of art?


  1. i'm a culture vulture so i've got no clue about art. lol at your thoughts about the 80s.