Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Friday: The Ghost In You


Well, it would appear as though today is the very last Halloween Friday! I'm slightly bummed about that. I do love me some themes, you know. But no worries, next week "Aqua Blue Fridays" will be back and all will be right with the world again. Except for that little thing called "the economy", but whatever.

Up to this point, every friday I've had a different Halloween-based theme and showcased various vintage items that went with said theme. The first theme was "Pumpkins", then "Black Cats" then "Witches" then last week's "Devils". You know, to recap.

But being as though this is the last Halloween Friday, I'm gonna do a little sumpin' sumpin'. I'm also gonna do something slightly different. Today's theme is "Ghosts"- but not quite what you think. There's no collection of retro vintage ghost items here today, no kitschy/crafty DIY things either. What I found are some rather...creeptastically wonderful real, vintage Victorian photographs. I absolutely adore old photos and these are extra odd, therefore I love them even more! Most likely the strangeness that occurred in each photo was just from the subject moving or some other screwiness of photography...But who knows? Maybe they're really haunted. One thing's for sure: the people in these pics are all ghosts now! (Aww, I know. That's morbid and I'm a jerk. Tell me something I don't know.)

So without further ado, I present to you thee last Halloween Friday! (Each picture is for sale from different sellers- just click the pic to go to it's listing.) Enjoy!


"My, Gertrude, that tapeworm reducing plan we sent away for through the Lady's Home Journal certainly is working. Look how see-through we are!" This is actually a double exposure, so there's really only one woman in the picture, not 2. Plus, there's the see-through factor. Transparent bitches.


Look up at the window. !!! Zoinks !!! Ok, so it's probably just her sweet widdle Grandma...or not.


There's so much fuckuppery in this, where does one start? Hovercraft baby? Random baby-propping arm? Faceless chair sitter? (And WTF is up with Chair Sitter's ratty, bird nest hair?)


This pic is my favorite! Ma and Pa Barnum were not at all pleased to find that they had, in fact, just given birth to Casper. Looks like they'll have to resort to becoming circus folk after all.

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  1. creepy indeed but you made it easier. the lady in your blog header has the best halloween outfit on.