Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prints Charming Sunday: My Nuts. Let Me Show You Them.

Well, not actually my nuts, but I wish they were. If they were my nuts, I'd never sell 'em. I'd stash 'em away in my closet, pulling them out once in a while to admire. Maybe take 'em for a spin on a Sunday afternoon once in a while.

I am, of course, talking about this Vintage 50's Nut Novelty Print Toni Todd Dress & Bolero, today's vintage pick for Prints Charming Sunday!

Oh, nuts.

(What did you think I was talking about all this time? Pervs.)


  1. wow that's really nice! Don't tell me if it's for sale, please....

  2. Oh yeah. It's for sale (not by me). If you click the link to the listing, be prepared to have a heart attack!

  3. gah!I wish I could afford that!Soooo cute!

  4. Lovely dress!