Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: ShaNaNa NaNa Na NaNa Na, ShaNaNa NaNa

"Hey there, groovy chicks. You're all hep in far out ways!" It's Atomic Tuesday here, and I'm thinking it's a Brady Bunch kind of day. Something I didn't think I'd ever say, (let alone on Atomic Tuesday!), because let's face it, the Brady's are the most annoying bunch of butt-kissing, brown-nosing, goodie-goodie, straight-A's-getting, pain in the asses. Yet, they too are hep in a far-out, retro kind of way now, so I'm not hatin'. (Except Jan and her stupid knee socks and personality crisis. And Cindy with her awkward, ignored lisp. And Mike with his sexy white dude 'fro. And Carol with her intoxicating mullet. And ... you know? Let's move on.)

So I came across these vintage 60's/70's Orange & Green Starburst Plastic Drinking Glasses and I felt the Brady inspiration.

I love that the name of these plastic cups is "hi-kool glass":

I love when things are spelled "kool". It's like they're trying really hard to convince you that it's got mad street cred and totally awesome, just because it's spelled in a hep, far-out way. Don't they remind you of the Brady's kitchen somehow? Speaking of glasses, I also feel inspired to say: "Glasses?! Oh, no, mom! Not glasses! They'll make me look absolutely positively goofy!"