Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Pencil Me In.

Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday, my lovely little nerdlingtons!

You know, every once in a while, I find something good for Way-Out Wednesday that is absolutely not vintage (whah?!) and not creepy/strange/bizarro (whah?!), but just plain old wacky. But in a good way. And today is that day, my friends.

If you're a freak, geek, dork, band nerd, book worm, teacher, librarian, student, knitter, writer, tech support worker ... pencil-chewer ... umm... woodsman... wool-maker ... huh ... (I'm running out, here) ... or human, I can't imagine how you couldn't totally adore these Handmade Lambswool Knit Pencil Scarves, from Etsy seller Saracarr.

I mean, really. Really. I love wacky, novelty type things such as this- plus, you know, I'm a giant nerd so there's that. Whaddya think? Too cool for school?


  1. And the tip will never break, and you never run out of erasure!

  2. Good call! Though, you don't get that "just sharpened" smell! Someone should invent a fresly sharpened pencil perfume. I'd be ALL over that!

  3. As Ma used to say "there's no point in being a dull pencil"!

  4. Very cool scarves. I'm wel past my school days but I'd totally wear one of these!