Friday, January 29, 2010

Aqua Blue Heaven Fridays: Aquadots.

Mornin', kids! Rise and shine, happy campers, for Aqua Blue Heaven Friday! (OK, I'm not even believing my own faux morning cheerfulness act. I hate myself for even trying. It's not that I'm not happy. I'm just not a happy person in the morning, Like, say, any time before noon.)

While mornings aren't my bag, man (said in a hippie tone- again, I hate myself for that), I found something for this week's Aqua Blue Heaven theme that is so damn charming and wonderful and freaking awesome, that I would consider jumping out of bed for. (And if it was booze-scented, then I may have just invented the most perfect alarm clock.) I'm talking about this to- die -for Vintage 50's Rockabilly Dress w/Polka Dot Bow, currently available on Etsy from seller Clever Vintage:

Now. If I only I had a 34" or smaller bust. And was shorter. And my hips were 36" or smaller (oh come ON), then this dress would be a total Kim dress and I'd be all over it, like ... something ... that's on ... something. I dunno. I can't think of any clever similes this morning. But if you're of wee stature and build, I envy you. Also, grab this dress already and go back to bed. It's the right thing to do.


  1. Sigh... Another killer find for skinny b****es...

  2. Too small for me too! Ugh, so cute!

  3. Oohh, I just love that little bit of polka dots... too dreamy...

    Now, if I jump in my time machine and head back to age 16, it just might fit me - LOL.

  4. Why, why, why are all the cutest dresses either too small or too large? So unfair, although the fella probably finds it to be easier on the budget this way.