Friday, January 22, 2010

Party 'Til You Polka

I'm ixnay-ing today's usual Aqua Blue Heaven Friday theme for something slightly different but very much worth it!

I give you ... Green & Polka Dot Heaven Friday ...

Sweet jumping Moses on a pogo stick, kill me now. Are they not so fabulous it hurts?! Bows and platforms and peep toes, oy vey! Of course they're way too small for my size 8.5 tuna boats, so you gals with tiny feets, not only do I envy your petiteness, but I demand you get down like James Brown and snatch these suckers and do us vintage gals proud!

Vintage 40's Polka Dot Slingback Platform Heels in a wee size 6.5 (no fair!) currently available from Etsy seller Fraulein Marlene.


  1. oh my they would fit me like a dream and they are soooo nice! But I'm beyond broke, hopefully I will win the lottery tomorrow, in which case they are mine ALL MINE!

  2. If your feet are tuna boats, then my 10 size feet must be an aircraft carrier. Or something. This is why I can never look at vintage shoes---nothing will ever fit! Ah well.

  3. Aww you and I both have clodhopper feet :( In the case of these lovelies, its heartbreaking.

    At least we won't fall down in a windstorm.

  4. They are just the cutest shoes I have EVER seen. Size doesn't matter, I've not been able to wear anything but sneakers for years. Yes, I'm OLD .. at least I'm not into orthpaedics yet. Hmmm ... do they make green polka dot ortho shoes?????

  5. Ah, then my feet are short enough to fit them. But probably too wide. My feet are... paddle boats? Do vintage shoes come in "paddle boat"?