Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: Jumping Jack(et) Flash

Step right up to this week's Atomic Tuesday!

I was going to do an entirely different post today, but then I came across this seller and my whole thought process got derailed and headed into a different direction. Who, me? Easily distracted? Shocking. I blame the weirdly, spring-ishly warm weather we're having. It's good to blame other things than yourself, I say. But you know, ... oh look! something shiny! did somebody say Cheetos? hey, "All in the Family" is on! ... See? It's just *that* kind of day.

Anyway, check out these atomic, 50's style cropped jackets:

Cute, right? The seller is Janie's of Miami, and all of her repros are one of a kind and made from either upcycled vintage textiles or new barkcloth. And if you don't dig the atomic thang, she also has fab tropical barkcloth jackets as well. (You can click on her name link to visit her shop!)

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