Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poison Ivy

P is for Prue trampled flat in a brawl.

(Why is Prue going to a pub alone anyway? Did England make the legal drinking age 4? That would open up a whole lot of options for child care.)


P is also for Pirates.

I was just saying to a Fellow Nerd friend of mine the other day that isn't it about time there was a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming out soon? What gives? Millions of desperate housewives and lonely hearts and well, most females in general need their Johnny Depp fix and I say it's high time we give it to them. By "them" I mean "me". He's the only white guy who can pull off dreds and beads without looking like a college campus, hackey sack-playing, I-smoke-pot-because-it's-way-existential hippie douchebag. Plus, he's way hot, so there's that.


I know the pirate theme for Halloween is sort of tired and overdone, but only if you wear the plastic all-in-one kind for $14.99 from Kmart or dress like a generic super slutty pirate wench. But there are some pretty rad handmade pirate costumes out there, some involving vintage, some are retardedly high in price but then some are a great price AND not generically slutty. Like this pirate getup from Andapanda! She handmade this baby using a vintage crinoline skirt and a boned corset, plus the odd lime green and brown colorway is a great combo in my book. And my book is always right.

*Poison Ivy by The coasters.

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