Monday, October 13, 2008

Killing Moon

K is for Kate who was struck with an axe.


K is also for KISS.

Paying tribute to more OG's of shock rock and manly makeup. Just like Alice Cooper, KISS proves once again that as long as you're in a band and can hold a guitar, you can be ugly as BALLS and still score many, many, many skanks. But that was the 70's when it was all about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll- but cool. Not like today's privileged rock stars who get handed their own crappy clothing line as soon as they perform their hit song on American Bandstand, or whereverthehell.

Unfortunately for Gene Simmons, he didn't have the good luck to be blessed with the Frank Sinatra Syndrome. You never heard of the FSS?! Fools! Only the heppest of the hep know that is. Also, I just made it up. Frank Sinatra looked better the older he got (much like hunka hunka burnin' love Clooney). But Gene really does look more and more like balls the older he gets. But one thing you have to admit, he is a marketing, commercialism and consumerism GOD.

During a trip to North Carolina, I got to bear witness to my first ever KISS coffee shop. I felt excited, then bummed, then stabby, then indifferent, in that order.


But then I saw the giant 20 foot silver platform boot and everything changed! I felt excited, then bummed, then stabby, then indifferent, in that order.


Some say sell-out, but I say if you can keep your legacy profitable and continually reach new generations with your bobble heads and gumball machines after 35 years, then right ON. Can I get a "praaaise jebus?!"


*Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen

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  1. 1st thing, where the hell is this KISS Coffee house?

    Im w/ you, Simmons is a marketing genius over any entertainer Ive ever heard of, simply amazing. For God's sake you can buy a unique KISS coffin to be buried in for around 2 grand!

    Ive seen them live once just to say I have and Ang still loves 'em, I however not so much. The older you get you realize how talentless most of the bands you listened to in grade school really are!

    KISS rules with stage presence and glitzy glam, along with the tongue and the fake blood, but musically? C'mon, in most cases its like they are still in a garage band trying to get good enough to be able to play their first kegger party later on in the month.