Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Queen Is Dead

Q is for Quentin who sank on a mire.


Q is also for queer, as in: it's so queer that my quest for Halloween Q words ended up in a quagmire.

You may be questioning that quote, in which case I think the quickest way for you to discover the quarry of it all is to try it yourself dammit, for I am no quack, though quite possibly in quicksand. I'll give you a quantity of high-quality quarters if you can do it. I feel like I've been in quiet quarantine this week, scouring words from Quixote to quixotic, Quadrophenia to quadriplegic, quantum to quasi. And now I feel rather queasy. But lets quit this quarrel and stand in queue in Quebec at the quad where we can go to the local quaint Queen's Pub to quench our thirst and use our quadriceps to eat quail. Afterwards, I'll buy you some Q-tips. If your quadruple bipass prevents you from quickly qualifying for the ale-drinking contest, then that leaves out a quantity of Quaaludes, doesn't it? Perhaps your talents at quartz-mining, quilt and quill-making is the quotient you've been questing. That is quite the quandary.

* The Queen is Dead byThe Smiths.

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