Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Enjoy The Silence

E is for Ernest who choked on a peach.


E is also for Edward Scissorhands, what a Halloween dish. Well, not so much the Edward Scissorhands part, but the Johnny Depp. Unless of course you've got the hots for sensitive, misunderstood, Emo type boys who wear leather S&M bondage suits for no reason with Robert Smith hair and guyliner before it got dumb who are severely scarred and have stabby pieces of metal for hands. Then it's your lucky day.


I miss the days of yore in a magical place, also called Hollywood in the early 90's, when we thought it would be Johnny + Winona 4-EvR, hanging out with their BFF's Brad + Juliette. It's taken me a long time, but I forgive you, Johnny, for breaking our little Winona's heart. I won't hold it against you. (But YOU can hold IT against ME. Hey-yo!...These are the jokes people, what do you expect?! I'm not some super awesome comedian like Gallagher. Or Carrot Top). It makes me sad for a hot second when the few famous couples that actually DON'T make me puke break up and ruin my day. And then I remember Jack Daniels makes the sad go away and I'm back in business.


And also, did you know that there is a stage show of Edward Scissorhands?! Me neither! The show is heading to Australia so if you're sitting around, munching on Vegemite, bored off your rocker, then I fully expect you to go and do some super sneaky spy recon and find out the level of suckitude of the show. I will expect a report of 1000 words, single spaced, on rose-scented paper, on my desk by monday morning. Thanksalotyou'rearealpeach. I bet the show either sucks so majorly in an epic way or is so over-the-top fantastic, also in an epic way. It's downright blasphemy to take a spectacularly cool movie such as ES and turn it into a Broadway play. Or an off-Broadway play. Or a SO-Off-Broadway-That-It-Can-Only-Be-Seen-On-Another-Continent play. It's like turning the Godfather into a show, with Paris Hilton playing Fredo. I'm not sure how I feel about it at the moment. I'll get back to you on that, though there is a pretty good chance that something about it will annoy me, as something about everything usually does.

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  1. I cannot stand Miss Ryder and NO ONE should ever touch The Godfather. Hey dear, what is your fave. flick anyways? Id ask ang, but I dont think she knows either.

    Mine is Goodfellas. Well, that and I have to admit, Im a total Star Wars geek. If I dont watch all 6 of those movies at least once a year, I feel out of balance with the Force.

    Damn, Im a dork.