Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: A Star Is Worn

Howdy, kids! Ready for this week's Atomic Tuesday? I thought so. I know you so well.

It's a little late coming to you today, but I had a Very Important phone interview with a Very Important person this afternoon and so I'm a bit behind on, well, stuff. Exciting! Zing! Wee! Huzzah! (Enter any other annoying sounds a person makes when they're happy, X here X.) I'll be sure to post about my interview with a link to where it's published when I get the go-ahead to do so. In the meantime, I can tell you that I got to ramble on about 1950's juvenile delinquent fashion & style--which is considered "rockabilly" by modern comparison, minus all the questionable dice and cherries and bowling shirts with martini glasses on them. Not that I'm anti repro clothing, in fact there are good aspects of repro fashion lines (such as offering a wide availability of sizes that otherwise would be hard to obtain in vintage clothing)- but I just don't dig when certain companies bastardize an entire decade into a generic fashion cliche that isn't even all that accurate to begin with, making the whole era seem like it spewed forth from the bowels of the set of Grease. I digress. Moving forward.

Today's atomic pick is this Vintage 50's Aqua Atomic Starburst Dress.

It's too cool, right? Dig the closeup!:


  1. Great dress! But I must confess I am one of those clothing co's that bastardise the genre by using cherries, dice and martini glasses. Ho Hum.

  2. Nuttin' wrong with it, Sara! I have a few repro pieces myself- good for certain things you just can't seem to get in your size, like repro denim jeans (which I have a pair!)

  3. Wow - now that's atomic! Love the dress and can't wait to hear (read) the interview :)

  4. I love that dress. So cool. Very out of this world. Have a great Wednesday. Cheers!