Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: Cold Feet.

Welcome to another week of Way-Out Wednesday, folks! This week, I didn't pick anything vintage for a change, and it's not so much creepy or gross (except to me, because I'm uptight and have issues with feet) but it *is* artsy and craftsy, something I always appreciate in a person, so I give props to the seller & creator of the...well, you'll see soon enough...

I think today's post can really help out those of you who need to start thinking about holiday gifts for those hard-to-shop-for types in your family. Maybe I should post some sort of "Strange & Unusual Shopping Guide" every Wednesday. I'm here to help! In order for me to better assess if today's Way-Out Wednesday pick will fit your gift-giving needs, I'll need you to answer a few quick questions:

1.) Is the person you're shopping for over the age of 50?

2.) Does the person you're shopping for own more than 6 cats?

3.) Is the person you're shopping for a retired art teacher, home ec teacher or some form of trade in the gardening industry?

4.) Does the person you're shopping for have a lovable nickname known throughout the family that includes the word "wacky" or "crazy", ie: "Did you hear? Crazy Aunt Millie had her cat stuffed and mounted on the front of her car for a hood ornament."

5.) Does the person you're shopping for have any of these things in their front yard:
* A birdbath made out of an old toilet?
* A planter of flowers made out of an old clawfoot tub?
* A plywood cutout of a lady bending over wearing polka dot bloomers? (Also acceptable: A wood cutout of the silhouette of a cowboy leaning back on a post.)
* Christmas lights that are up year 'round, although by July a string of them fell down and is now being dragged across the yard and down into a groundhog hole?

If you answered "yes" (or in some cases "Oh my gawd yes") to one or more of these questions, you're in luck! I may have the perfect gift for you to bestow upon your relative:

Why, yes! It's true! It's a white canvas slip-on sneaker from Kmart painted to look like they're actually sandals with your toes sticking out.

What's that you say? You're more in the market for generic Keds in faux-look denim?



  1. OMG i can't stop laughing, sorry but my little brain thinks it's hilarious that someone would paint shoes to look like feet!!

  2. i will take a case of dead bird heads over either of those hideous shoes any day.

    eewwwwwwww feeeeeet!

  3. Ewwwww feet! Equally hilarious and gross at the same time.

  4. Those are something else, all right. Ewwwww feet! Even though they're painted on. Maybe that makes it worse :)