Friday, November 13, 2009

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: Plastic, Fantastic, Spastic.

It's Aqua Blue Heaven Friday once again, kids! I've gotten a few emails from some charming gals over the past few weeks, saying that while they love vintage, being plus-size means that they're limited to pretty much only being able to wear vintage accessories. Yeah, it sucks that there isn't alot of larger sizes in vintage readily available, but you know what? You almost always get complimented when you're rockin' a vintage handbag, shoes or crazy-ass jewelry, right? So to the Ladies Who Emailed Me (and anyone else who's larger than a size 0), I'll make it a personal mission in the coming weeks to do a post or 2 of larger-sized vintage fashion! See? I got your backs! I got your backs too, skinny bitches. And centaurs. And cyclopses. And mermaids. I look out for everyone.

So in the meantime, vintage jewelry is something that anyone can wear, no matter how big, little or human you are. That being said, today's theme is the vintage aqua earring. But also, plastic vintage aqua earrings. Why? Because I said so. Also because I loooove kitschy plastic stuff from the 50's. What can I say? I'm cheap and have low expectations. Enjoy!

These Sonic Pink & Aqua Earrings are listed as 50's/60's, but something about that seems off. Either way, I do love 'em, so there.

Vintage Rhinestone Plastic Earrings. Love? Yes! Very much so. What's that? You don't quite dig those colors? You want something a little more... parfait-ish? *** Hold on a sec...

There you go.

Vintage Aqua & Yellow Cube Earrings.. Mod meets the rubik's cube!

*** You're probably thinking: "No, actually, I never wished my jewelry looked more parfait-ish, whateverthehell that means." Let me 'splain: I have sort of an ongoing dare with someone to use certain words, without sounding A.) Like I'm 90 or B.) Like I'm on crack. Words that aren't commonly used on a daily basis, at least, not since about 1910. Today's word was "parfait", because it's been argued that not only do people not eat them anymore, but no one even knows what they are. See? It's so simple and clearly sane now that I've explained it, isn't it?


  1. oh wow i LOVE these plastic ear rings! i'm so dead if they're still available. yes, i know what parfait refers to :P

  2. Love aqua blue too! All of those earrings are so fun.

  3. Oh! I've got a girlfriend who makes reproduction 40s and 50s dresses straight from the original patterns. She does mostly custom work and most of her customers are plus size (which, I think, is pretty freakin awesome) She's at or She's a really cool gal and super easy to work with. Check it out for your readers, perhaps. And, no, she didn't pay me to say this! hehe