Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: A Spring! A Spring! A Marvelous Thing!

If you're, say, under the age of 30 you'll probably think I've lost it completely. To everyone else, I'm sure you already know that line in the title of today's blog is part of the lyrics to the Slinky commercial! What does that have to do with anything? Well, today's Atomic Tuesday vintage pick reminds me of a Slinky... like a boing-y spring...Sooo...I guess it really has nothing to do with an actual Slinky itself, per se. Super. Please ignore the fact that I failed at making a complete and sensical segue and enjoy today's Atomic Tuesday vintage pick-o-awesomeness:

Can you guess what it is?! Of course you can't. It's actually a whole lot of this:

It's 5+ Yards of Vintage 50's Grosgrain Ribbon, in pink (joy!) with a crazy, atomic spring action going on (double joy!).

All this pink love (sounds filthy, no? No? So it's just me then with a problem?) can be purchased from Vintage Tramp (excellent name!) on Etsy.

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