Friday, November 27, 2009

Aqua Blue and Black Friday

Welcome to a special edition of Aqua Blue Heaven Friday~ Aqua Blue and Black Friday, where this week's vintage picks aren't just aqua, they're aqua and black. AND on Black Friday. Eh? Eh? Always on my toes, right? Groundbreaking stuff here, I know. Hey, what do you people expect from me, rocket science? It's the day after Thanksgiving, speeding towards Christmas and I'm spread thinner than Joan Crawford's face. Hey-yo!

So without further...whatever, there's no time for the pleasantries. There's spiked eggnog just waiting for someone to come along and befriend it, and that may as well be me. So let's get to the aqua & black, already!

Vintage 50's/60's Aqua & Black Electric Mixer (from Tialey Vintage)

Vintage 50's Aqua & Black Plaid Aladdin Thermos (from vintagebutterfly94)

Vintage 50's/60's Aqua & Black Leaf David Douglas Carafe (from Tracy Ann's)

Vintage 50's Aqua & Black Stripe Circle Skirt (from Erstwhile Vintage)

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