Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: That Touch of Mink

While searching through vintage furs for research not too long ago, I got sidetracked, naturally, and discovered a whole other realm of vintage fur... hmm..."things". In the 1940's, 50's and 60's, furs like mink and sable were in their heyday, being the fancy-pants fur of choice, coveted by everyday housewife types like Lucy and Ethel and rocked by Hollywood starlets like Doris Day. These days it's all very un PC and uncool to wear fur, but I say if the animal kicked the bucket decades ago, why the hell not wear it now, so it's death wasn't in vain, or whatever? Stupid hairy hippie girls ruin everything. I might not personally be a fan of fur, not for any ethical or moral reason- hell, I'd bedazzle a set of moose balls and wear 'em as earmuffs if I had to- but because just looking at it makes me feel itchy and sneezy. Totally a mental reject I am, I know. But far be it for me to hold back any chick who can wear a fur stole with a sequin cocktail dress and party like it's 1959.


Or guy. Whatever. What do I care if a guy wants to wear fur? (Ed Wood, you marvelous scamp, you.)

So naturally in the 50's and 60's, along with full-length coats, capes and stoles, luxe touches of fur like mink were incorporated into smaller and more affordable items like on earrings and pins. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I think doing so made it somehow...creepy looking? Maybe I'm a freak or maybe I just found some especially farked-up examples. Either way, you might agree that the following minktastic accessories are farther from glam and closer to mutant. But you know, in a fancy way.

Please enjoy the following vintage 50's & 60's mink fur accessories. Jebus help us all. (Each pic is clickable to go to the seller's listing.)

Vintage mink pin. Nothing quite says "I'm a sexy bitch" than a furry flower. (Also, I can think of about a million disgusting things to say about that, but I will refrain.)

Oh, HELL no. I'm sorry animal lovers, but if I saw this in my house, I couldn't reach for a trap fast enough. Look at it's stabby metal tail. Ick. Oh god. Gross.

"Midge? The damn cat hacked up another fur ball again, get me a paper towel! Oh wait. Nevermind! It's just your sweater clip!"

Oh. Good. Lord. I mean, what is...seriously, who would...come ON, is that...I can't...I just can't...


  1. LOL
    Hey no one ever told me my ancestors were poor ,My aunts, and grandmother wore a lot of pins but never one that looked like something the cat dragged in :)

    This was an awesome post .
    I never really thought about fur accessories before .
    I love vintage there is always a juicy tidbit of information lurking around every corner,up in the attic,in the basement ,or out in the shed .
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Terry! I have a love/hate relationship with these things right now. Like a train awesomely bad to look at it!

  3. You have a talent for finding the most.... most.... *things* I've ever seen. Seriously, where else can a person find multiple examples of such uglitude but here? Well done!

    I can't imagine wearing hairballs on my dresses... there's something creepy about that. Of course I'd love a fur stole with silk lining to wear with an evening gown, if I had an evening gown and a place to wear it other than, say, Halloween.

    Thanks for brightening my day :)

  4. Ha! Being slightly manic about finding ugly/awesome vintage crap every wednesday is one of my many useless talents. I'm glad I could make you smirk, my dear!