Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hot Dog

With Memorial Day right around the corner, I thought it'd be swell to post some of my favorite vintage finds to go with this weekend's patriotic and picnic-y theme. Come to think of it, I haven't done a theme in a while! I love themes!! Alot! And superfluous exclamation points!! I assume most of you are spending the next few days having picnics, bbq's, random virgin sacrificing or whateverthehell else happy fun people do on Memorial Day weekends? I figured you would be.

Vintage 50's patriotic heels from Black Raven Vintage. I love heels that can put an eye out.

Very cool little WW11-era 40's (dated 1942) plastic cavalry hat & bugle pin from Pattycakes Plunder. I wish I knew what the story behind this pin was, I bet it was something somehow sad and sweet. Aww.

Early 40's cold rayon picnic plaid men's shirt by Mohawk Sportswear- and it's new old stock! Available from me at Fast Eddie's Retro Rags.

And for your kitsch pleasure, a set of vintage 60's Heinz ketchup plastic salt and pepper shakers. I love things that look like one thing but are meant for another thing.

And one of my favorite 50's bbq-themed things yet, this awesome shish kebab novelty print linen tablecloth. This is so one of those things that should be made into another thing. What a kickass skirt (or something wearable) this would make. Crafty peeps, get on it! Also, has anyone ever made a shish kebab with olives and sunnyside-up eggs? That's unpossible. And disturbing.

"Hot Dog" by Buck Owens.


  1. Howdy
    I am so loving this theme of yours.
    I can actually rememeber my aunt wearing a pair of high heels like these and she had a sweet little red,white,blue set of beads to go along with the shoes .I loved those beads so much she left them to me.
    Thanks for the memories .
    Have a great weekend.

  2. That's so cool that you have the set! Aww, good story!