Monday, May 18, 2009

Memphis Soul Stew

Welcome to another addition to Vintage Giveaway! This month's month's giveaway is a vintage 50's square "card table" tablecloth with a kitschy cute little embroidered soup bowl & spoon.


Oh, and a random fork. Yep. A fork. Just because. It's made out of soft white cotton, feedsack-ish. Measures 33" wide and 32" down, which is a little odd but if anyone can sashay the hell out of it, it's you guys. (And yeah, I totally said "sashay" because apparently I'm RuPaul.)


If you're all like, "Who plays cards? And who uses a tablecloth to play cards, any damn way? Nerd.", then you crafty types could probably rock it into something cool and upcycled like you do, maybe a pillow or a skirt? A little kitchen curtain would be swell, too. Whatever. Wear it on your head if you want, what do I care.

How it works: As usual all are welcome to sign up- first time posters, regular posters, old winners, old losers, everyone- and it won't cost you a dime. Free vintage crapola is my recession ass-kicker present to you. If you'd like to enter the contest, leave me a comment that you'd like to enter -or- if you can always drop me an email and let me know that way. I'll write everyone's name down and draw a very random name from a hat and post the winner in a week from now, on the 26th.

Note: I'd love a picture if you do take the tablecloth and use it as something else! Or as a regular ol' tablecloth. I'll do a blog post about your artsy fartsiness with a link to your blog/website/favorite meat wholesaler/whateverthehell. Free advertising for craftiness!

"Memphis Soul Stew" by King Curtis. Go funk yourself.


  1. Your blog posts always make me laugh I love your sense of humor. I adore the tablecloth and I think it would make a great addition to any table.
    my email is


  2. Thanks so much, Darla! If I can make just one person laugh with my cheesy and juvenile sense of humor, I did my job for the day!

    (And consider yourself entered in the giveaway!)

  3. Hi
    I love the blog ,the humor,the giveaway ,yes I am one of those crazy vintage linen loving kind of gals who thinks these cool cast offs need a second chance so a new generation can experience coolness,
    with some cheese thrown in here and there :)
    SO yes I'd loved to be entered in your great giveaway.Hey I am a fan with or without the great blog giveaway's .
    Have a fabulous week.

  4. That's awesome. I'd love to be entered.

  5. Howdy, Terry! Well, thanks a million~ and I bet you could do something kickass with it! You are officially entered!

  6. Can I be entered in the giveaway, too, even though I won a couple of months ago? A tablecloth is like a piece of fabric and I like vintage pieces of fabric.

    I also like RuPaul and am looking forward to season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race. Apparently Hedda Lettuce (who showed up on Project Runway) is trying to be on the show.

    Have a fantastic long weekend,

  7. Of course, Chantelle! My method of choosing is simple- pick a name out of a hat! Literally. So if someone gets picked more than once, I see it as your karmic lucky day!