Wednesday, June 18, 2008

eVintage Society's Blog Tag Wednesday!

VINTAGE OR BUST!~Blog Tag Wednesday~ Animalize!
June 18th, 2008

Its Blog Tag Wednesday at the eVintage Society!. Animals...we love ‘em, we love to wear ‘em! Prints, that is. Show us your animal prints!

I've been tagged by Empress Jade Vintage!

1) Show us your favorite piece of animal print apparel in your inventory!

I only have one animal print right now, which is odd, but it's a cool one I think. This sucka is on Etsy~ a zebra print 80's shell top:

2) What is your favorite animal print to wear & why?

Overdone but always classic~leopard of course! There's nothing quite as awesome as leopard prints from the 50's and early 60's.

3) Favorite to sell?

Again with the leopard. It's timeless and always popular, so it's almost always a hot seller. Sellout, much?

4) Favorite pet and best pet story?

The last pet we had was a goldfish named George that ended up going down the porcelain express, as they always do. He was a carny fish after all.

5) Scared of animals? Which one scares you the most & why?

Animals and I are not amigos. I'm not really an animal fan, sorry (not really). Is it embarrassing to say that I hate, despise and loathe fish? I can't swim with them, no lakes or ponds for me thanks! I've had nightmares of swimming with fish, where they got caught in my bathing suit and were flapping around. Eew.

6) Favorite animal to visit at the zoo or to collect images of?

Like I go to the zoo...or collect animal pictures. Ha! Although I do enjoy the mean ones, like lions and such and kind of secretly hope to see them attack. Is that disturbing and wrong? Probably.

Until next Wednesday! Back to you, eVintage Society!

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