Monday, May 19, 2008

The Politics Of Dancing

May I rant for a moment please? And by rant I mean bitch mercilessly? I kinda figured you wouldn't mind.

Girls can be so funny. And by funny I mean catty bitches. It's amusing in the vintage community the one-upmanship that happens when it comes to certain things, but in this case, the topic of Who Loves Novelty Prints The Best. Though I'm not speaking of any one person in particular but rather in general because generalizations are fun, I'm really quite over those kinds of people demanding we better recognise *they* love novelty prints the best, that *they* have loved them "x" amount of time more than the next guy, that *they* collect the most...yes, we recognise. And also, bo-ring. Remember, my Uber Cool Darlings, every 5 minutes there's someone else better looking, better dressed and all around better than you to take your place.

We get it already. You're a super awesome fantastic happy fun time vintage seller who's way cooler than everyone else and always was and always will be the end. Duly noted. Can't we all just like the same things and not have to worry about who's the winner of the Cool Game? It's safe to say if you sell vintage, you love wacky novelty prints just as much as everyone else. Dude, it's part of the JOB DESCRIPTION. Vintage= quirky, weird prints and you can't really be a hardcore vintage seller if you DON'T love them, therefore you're really no more special than anyone else, see? Now that we've got that cleared up, sucker punches all around! Yay!

Me? I could give a rat's ass how 50's your house is (not as much as mine), what you sell (the coolest vintage clothing anywhere), how cool you are (nowhere near the Coolness Level that I have achieved) or how vintage you dress (like, Every. Day. Duh.) Nah, I've found the best people to hang with are the ones who don't feel the need to remind you that they hung out with the Polecats in the 80's when rockabilly meant something and it's so commercial and played out now. (Which it IS, but that's neither here nor there nor relevant to my general bitching. Moving on.)

So I'm selling a great novelty print at the current moment, not because I'm cool but because the fabric is. It's a repro, but what a reasonable facsimile! 60's Dance Crazy bark cloth with swingin' chicks dancing the Twist and the Slop. (Which sounds disgusting and of course I'm dying to see what the Slop actually LOOKS like, I'm thinking slightly pornographic). And the band is called the Bristol Stompers! Which would make a great name for a psychobilly band from the UK. Maybe there already is one, thus proving how uncool I really am.

A pretty hard (I said pretty hard) to come by print these days, being out of production (or so I'm told). Available at auction NOW at Fast Eddie's Retro Rags.

Because we ALL love a good print, let's do some enjoying of the goings-on here, shall we my pets?:

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