Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We Are The Champions

LuLu's Vintage held a People's Choice Award for "Lulu's 2008 People's Choice for Best Vintage Websites"~ and Fast Eddie's Retro Rags was voted 9! I'm not last, get a load of THAT. Shocking but not surprising, because I do kinda rock your faces off, don't I? Seriously, what an HONOR to have peeps vote for me, I'm so grateful and thankful. Thanks for recognizing my awesome power of awesomeness.

It's also cool to see 2 of my close bitches on the list, too (Ang and Julie, I'm looking in your general direction)...

And the winners are...

Dorothea's Closet Vintage (I KNEW you'd be there, girl!)
Sweet Cherry Vintage
Dandelion Vintage
Daisy Fairbanks
Damn Good Vintage (Damn straight!)
Vintage Secret
Fast Eddie's Retro Rags (Awwwww,yeaaahh)
Sydneys Vintage Clothing

Next stop, world domination.

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