Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Don't Send In The Clowns! Part 3


Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday, bringing you the finest weird vintage crap available on the internet! For all you newcomers, "Creepy-Ass Clowns" has become a favorite theme around here, so please "enjoy" today's pick...


Asschin O'StankPants would like to be hired by you for your kid's next birthday party! Asschin O'StankPants would also like you to know that he brings all his own equipment. Like that rope. For doing rodeo type stunts. (Kids like that, right?) Yep, that's it. Stunts. Not for choking. Definitely not for choking. Nope. Asschin O'StankPants hopes your living room carpet has been Scotchgarded.

Vintage 60's/70's Signed Clown Painting, currently available on Etsy from seller BackGarage for $46. You're welcome.


  1. Clowns are evil.
    Always evil...
    Google "glurpo the clown" Kim and prepare to be afraid, very afraid...when you swim....