Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rock Stars! All Of You Crazy Kids, Rock Stars!

Just wanted to pop in here before doing our weekly Sunday post and scream the biggest, fattest, most awesomest THANK YOU to all the new followers here and the overwhelming interest in my vintage giveaway! (Well, not so much "scream" at you, more like "whisper delicate gratitudes to you all, delivered on the wings of doves while Kenny G serenades us on a cloud." Or whatever.

At any rate, you guys rule and I'm very grateful. (Very shocked, also.) I've been slowly following all of your own blogs back- it'll take some time, but I'll follow you all eventually! Pinky promise. Getting to 300 took way less time than I figured it would and I'll be doing the next vintage giveaway before this one is over! Looks like we'll be partying like it's 1959 before you know it.



  1. Happy Sunday to you! Man! I can't get over how much that woman featured in your party image, above, looks like she could be Joanie Cunningham's long, lost mom! (Have a looky HERE.) I guess Howard wasn't as innocent as we thought --AND Mrs. C was pretty dang forgiving. LOL!

  2. Ahahahaha! I hadn't even paid attention to the gal's face, but you're right, she does a look a bit Joanie-esque! (I was concentrating on the dude's socks and how much he rules for wearing them.)

  3. I think she is jealous of the guys legs!! LOL (Joanie Baloney's Mom)