Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: Let's Bake Love

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday! (Thanks to the 3 day weekend, it feels very Monday today, doesn't it? I'm all verklempt and wrong-feeling today!)


First some quick announcements! Don't worry, they're good ones. (But you can still chew your Hubba Bubba and read your Archie comics at the back of the class, I won't tell.)

First: I realise I haven't done a vintage giveaway in a LONG time- not since December. (D'oh!) So stay tuned for one coming up soon- probably this week if I remember or am sober enough. I won't give away any details, but I can tell you the theme is "The Vintage Housewife". (Sorry, no hot pool boy will be included.)

Second: I'm quickly approaching 300 followers, which is both crazy cool and insane to me! Who knew so many of you have masochistic tendencies to like this strange, train wreck of a blog of mine. (And yes, I did just say "crazy cool" because apparently it's 1992 I'm a member of TLC.) Keep following, my homies, because once I get to 300 followers I'm going to do a vintage giveaway of epic proportions! (You know, sort of.) It's something very special from my personal collection of vintage PINK things! I think you'll like it...

Onto Atomic Tuesday!

I'm really into big pops of red lately, which is odd because everything in my house is pink, pink, and ohmygodenoughalready, pink. I don't know if it's these long bouts of rain we've had lately and I'm looking for some kind of cheery escape or if it's because I'm a Scorpio and red is like, our "thing". Or maybe who the hell cares why and just get over it already because red is awesome, end of story? (Yep. That's it.) So today's vintage pick combines both the excellent factor of atomic awesomeness and red. Win/win, I say!


Isn't it the awesomest/ginchiest/raddest/enter-any-slangy-adjective-of-your-choice-here? I adore this Vintage Red Starburst Casserole Baking Dish!


Atomic casserole currently available on Etsy from seller JudyGoVintage.


  1. wow! I LOVE that dish!!! The shape of it is so unique!I'm on a vintage dishes kick lately. I have NO room in my place for anymore stuff but you know how it is....the girl can't help it!

  2. Gosh, that baking dish would turn any old noodle-y, meaty, crushed-potato-chip-topped casserole into a party! :O It's the swell-est!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that dish!!!!

  4. OK, maybe you have a HUGE link on your blog that says: "Tour of my pink house here", and I am too blind to see it, but do you have photos of your pink stuff? Because I share the madness, and I want to know, I am not alone lol...

  5. No, no, you're not blind! I don't have any links to my pink stuff, but that's a *very* good idea--I'm gonna start posting pics of my pink stuff! I bet there's alot of us who are into collecting pink vintage! (And other colors, of course- I know at least a few aqua nuts!) Thanks for the idea, Atomic! xo

  6. Nice piece of cooking equipment! Can U say TUNA CASSEROLE?? I vote for the potato chips on top! lol
    I absolutely love the colors Purple and Green together (that chartreuse green)...I love anything silver too!
    Congrats on ALMOST 300 followers Kim!!
    Have a great Wacky Wednesday..