Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prints Charming Sunday: Stormy Weather

Welcome to this week's Prints Charming Sunday!

I trust you all had a smashing holiday? Me too! Though, the weekend's been weird, weather-wise, and a bit of a Christmas bummer. We northeasterners were supposed to get ice and sleet, instead it got really warm and rainy. And it's supposed to be crazy cold again this week. What the balls, mother nature? You jerk. Feels more like spring 'round these parts than winter and I gotta say, it makes me pretty stabby. So instead, I'll just ignore it all and eat another Christmas cookie and then bitch about it later that my ass won't cram into my acid-washed Sassoons. (See the joy and mirth in store for you in the future?!)

So to go along with our bi-polar weather, check out this wicked cute Vintage 60's Rain Drop Novelty Print Vinyl Cape. Not only am I bringing comfortable-albeit-fashionably-retarded Mom Jeans back, I'm bringing capes back too.

Cape currently available on Etsy from Empress Jade Vintage.

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