Thursday, December 31, 2009


...Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish to everyone a swanktastic New Year's eve! Party like it's 2009. I for one will be a tv zombie, watching the Twilight Zone marathon that plays this time on the the SciFi channel every year. I'm a nutbag for that hot piece-o-manmeat called "early 60's William Shatner" who starred in a few of the episodes.

Behold the Shatner deliciousness, in one of my favorite TZ episodes called "Nick of Time", where the Shat and his wife get stuck in a small town while their car is being fixed and he gets addicted to a fortune-telling machine in the town's diner.

Hello, lover.

Have a happy stinkin' New Year, my lovelies! Here's hoping 2010 sucks a little less than 2009 did. Cheers!


  1. That devil looks like me after a few Zombies. Happy New Year kiddo!

  2. happy new year to you as well! thanks for all the laughs you provide in your fabulous posts!

  3. Happy New Year! I'll be enjoying the scifi marathon this year too! I'll keep my eye open for that episode.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Chris~ you always look like that devil, who are you kidding? ;)

    Mary~ Think of me when you watch it- I'll be fainting like a delicate flower when I see the Shat. (I am TOO delicate, dammit!)

    Mr. J~ wasn't he so freaking hot then?! Oy vey.

  5. I was glued to the TV watching as many episodes as possible. I have so many favorites, I can't even begin to list them.

    Hoping to read more of your great posts in 2010. Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year!

    Ally @
    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing