Saturday, November 7, 2009

Knit Wits, Part 2: The Old College Try

Today's charming knitting sensation is this Vintage McCall's Fall/Winter 1957-58 Needlework Magazine, apparently aimed at the modern college student. Uh huh. I understand that the 50's college kid is a totally different beast than today's college kid, But some of this stuff is...questionable, for any 18-22 year old. Unless 5-year-olds went to college in the 50's, then yes, this magazine is ideal. So let's see what the Modern College Student was into...

"Hi, I'm Jackie! I'm a Typical Modern American College Student! Also, I'm just a girl, so anything I say shouldn't be taken too seriously. Welcome to my dorm room! LOOK at all this GLORIOUS crap! While I'm in my dorm room studying to become one of the only 3 professional jobs suitable for women: a stewardess, secretary or nurse, I like to knit childish things for my room, so that one day I'll be a pro at knitting baby booties and blankets, since no woman actually uses her degree after college but instead marries young and becomes a housewife. Perhaps you'd enjoy making this useless, larger-than-life caterpillar, for no particular reason? Or this useless Egyptian-inspired embroidered cat wall hanging? Or this useless little Santa...type..doll...thing...I don't even know what it is...but it's cute, right? And that's what the Typical Modern American College Student likes, right? Oh I don't know. All this thinking makes my head hurt. I better go buy a new hat, since that's what a girl does. That, and knit another life-size critter to put on my bed with the rest of my widdle animals! Bye, all!

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