Friday, November 6, 2009

It's My Party And I'll Complain If I Want To

It's friday and you know what that means? It should be the return of Aqua Blue Heaven Fridays but I'm forgoing that theme today until next week and I better give a good excuse why. So I will. Today is my birthday and my damn crappy friends and family want to actually do stuff with me today. Jerks. Today's a day I'd rather not acknowledge, like at all, but rather sleep through and wake up and it be tomorrow morning, so the whole wretched day would be so 24 hours ago. How old am I, you ask? I wish I could say I was 25. So I will. I'm 25 today. No. Seriously. Plus 8. See? Told ya.

So instead of the traditional friday aqua theme, I'm posting some random vintage photos from the 40's to 50's of random people I don't know doing random things at parties and galas and balls and whatnots and gettin' down with their bad selves who are probably all dead by now but that's OK we didn't know them anyway and come to think of it they're probably still having more fun than I. Good mood, you say? Naturally. Enjoy!

Throughout the course of this evening, you've all been breathing in toxic fumes from the air vents that will kill you within the next hour. In those balloons above you is the antidote. There are 100 of you, but only 50 balloons. You will have 1 minute to get a balloon and save your life. Enjoy the rest of the party!

I love this picture, if for no other reason than because someone smuggled in a flask to the party. Reminds me of high school. And that company party I had to go to last week. And right now as I type this.

It's funny that he thinks I'm actually going to sleep with him tonight. Weee!

Get down girl, go 'head get down.

Alright, someone take Grandma's Harvey Wallbanger away!

No, no, you guys don't look stupid at all. Oh come on, no one will even remember this by tomorrow. I promise to burn this photo after I get the film developed. I swear.


  1. I have decided I love this blog.

  2. It's okay - you'll wake up later on and realize that today was all just a dream... hey, it worked for a few of those nighttime soap/drama tv shows ;)

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing the random people pics... Love the flask and paper cups photo :)

  3. I love your witty comments the first one almost made me fall off my chair.

    I am obsessed with those fringe capris in the last picture I need a pair!

  4. Happy Birthday dollface. Don't be too flipped out, at least remember you'll always be younger than me! -CP

  5. Happy 25th Birthday! I'm turning 25 next year too! *wink wink*

  6. Happy birthday! I hope that this year brings you much happiness and things that you love.

    Maybe someday you'll have as much fun as that guy doing the limbo.

  7. Happy Birthday, darling! Have fun with those "jerks" and have a fabulous time! xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday, I hope it was awesome! xo

  9. Thank you all SO, SO, much for the birthday wishes! It made even *my* cold heart feel slightly lukewarm for a moment! I love you guys! xoxo