Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hip To Be Square

More fun with sweaters! This time it's not vintage Spinnerin, it's some dumb vintage 70's crap called He and She Sweaters. Good grief. You think they woulda thought of a title that didn't read like its a manual about knitting for the transgender human. He-she sweaters cannot possibly be a good thing.


She: Look honey! We're dressed up like those hippies we keep hearing about. How fun! I even matched my silly headband to my my turtleneck, like that fellow in the motorcycle movie! That's what you do, right?

He: I don't know, dear. But look at me, I'm so wild and crazy, right? I'm wearing a neckerchief! I'm a mach-o, mach-o man! Now let's see, what do those hippies do...make a fist and then they say something... Oh that dang, loud rock or roll music has me all confused...they say..."Power to those people"? Oh, I dunno, but dress-up is fun! And these matching sweater vests are so smart! Wait 'til the boys down at the lodge get a load of us, all suited up like hippies at a music carnival show. What a hoot!

Oh, and look! There's more! What fun.


He: Watch this, hon, you're gonna love it! It's hilarious: "I'm shagarific, baby. Am I making you happy? Yeah!"

She: Oh my gosh, you are SO. FUNNY. That's "Austin Powell", right? You crack me up! You're like, the funnest guy I know. I wanna try, too! Ok. Here goes: "Judo chop! This is my bag, baby." Ahahaha, oh, I'm such a card!

"Hip To Be Square" by Huey Lewis And The News.


  1. Is that John Davidson in the first picture?

  2. What's funny is that I know my parents wore some of these "cool" duds.

  3. I am pretty sure my mom had those patterns...

  4. Yeah, I bet alot of our parents wore this stuff! Probably with tight bellbottoms, no less. *shrieeeek!*