Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hell Bent For Leather

When good cats are misunderstood, as told in this 1951 pulp fiction mystery novel by Dorothy Salisbury Davis.

Skirt: "Judas Cat?! Oh, Ju-u-u-u-das Ca-a-a-at! Where are you, you naughty kitty?!"

Suit: "Halt! I think I see Judas Cat! Be still, you silly woman!"

Skirt: "Golly! What makes you think its Judas Cat?! I'm just a girl, so I have no deductive reasoning skills of my own!"

Suit: "Ha ha, that's right dear. I see...a cat...And he's wait, it's hard to tell in the dark... he's leather assless chaps, a spiked collar and a ball gag, it IS you, Judas Cat! You're back!"

Skirt: "Now don't you ever run away again, do you hear me you bad little kitteh?! Even if this town IS full of hate for your...well, your "alternative lifestyle", we love you and I'll buy you as many riding crops as you want from now on, I promise. We love you, Judas Cat."

Suit: Now darling, you better turn that frown upside down. You know that worrying gives you wrinkles. And next to intelligence and fat, you know I don't accept wrinkles on my woman.

Skirt: Yes, dear.

*whispers to Judas Cat*: Judas cat, tomorrow I'll teach you "sic 'em."

"Hell Bent for Leather" by Judas Priest.


  1. The phrase 'assless chaps' always makes me giggle.

  2. I LOLed when I saw the title of this post... immediately, the song started running through my head.

    "Wheels! a glint of steel and a flash of light!
    Screams! from a streak of fire as he strikes!"