Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: Destination Moon


Welcome to this week's Atomic Tuesday! This week's inspiration came from, of all places, driving in the car. Inspiration usually comes from random places at random times, doesn't it? (Can I say "random" one more time like stupid, emo hipster? How random of me. Ha! Ok. Done.) Sometimes, when you're driving in your car, a song comes on the radio you haven't heard in eons and you can't help but sing your face off. I recently heard David Bowie's "Space Oddities" and I belted out that mofo like a drowning cat, but I don't care! Listen to my bad singing and love it, world! That song instantly took me back to being a kid in the 80's and that feeling filled me with glee, or something comparable. I don't know, I'm not good with "feelings" and "human emotions".

Having only AM radio in your car doesn't leave you many options as far as music selection goes, but I *lovelovelove* all kinds of music from all eras, so it's all good in the hood for me. (And hell no I won't replace the radio with a new one or start adding modern technology to my car like a cd player! Or a soccer-mom minivan-driving GPS! Or air conditioning! Sigh. I might sell out and bend on that one. In fact, I know I would.) The only downer of having AM radio is when all you can find is talk radio shows like "Cat Attack! The show all about cats!" OK, so I made that up, but it sounds like it could be a show. This week on Cat Attack: When painting your cat's toenails: do you go with "Jungle Cat Red" or "Kitteh Pink"? Phone in now to win a lifetime membership to Pussy Galore's House of Catnip!

So this week's Atomic Tuesday theme is in homage to that Bowie song that made me feel like a kid again. It's all about outer space today, baby.


Vintage 60's Space Needle Novelty Print Blouse. How frickin' frackin' cool is THIS?! Pink and Aqua SPACE NEEDLE? Check, please. I can only assume the World's Fair took place in Seattle, but fact-checking it too time consuming, so let's just go with it.


Vintage 50's Dinner Table Novelty Print Tablecloth. I'm not sure if you can make out the details, (it's not a great pic from the seller), but they're dinner tables. Flying through outer space. No, really. What was the designer's MO for this one?! Looks like someone mixed up their Valium and and gin rickeys again!


Vintage 50's Tom Corbett Space Cadet Record. For those who don't remember, Tom Corbett was a TV show in the 50's, based on a book from the 40's. I have no idea what a "space cadet song and march" sounds like, but I bet it rocks.


Vintage 70's Space Wars Towel. Hmm. Can't say I remember this "Space Wars" business. Was it a TV show? Movie? Or a cheap and generic "Star Wars" knockoff that your mom bought you from Kmart, hoping you'd think it was the same thing, because the actual Star Wars towel was too expensive? Moms. Scarring you for life with the emotional trauma of being mocked by your peers for having generic crap.

"Destination Moon" by Dinah Washington.


  1. Great post. I love music from all eras myself. David Bowie is one of my favorite artists. I love "Space Oddity." Recently some of my buddies and I were talking about outer space. We all started singing that song. Loved all the stuff you posted. When I was a kid, I really was into space. I remember a buddy and I designed our own ship to fly to Mars. We even designed a colony for us and others to live in. I know we were nerds. lol