Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: Ashtray Heart


Today is Atomic Tuesday and today's theme is something that I haven't really thought about in ages: the boomerang ashtray. I remember the days, years ago, when you could find them for peanuts in just about every thrift store on the planet. Seriously cheap, like under a buck. I rarely see them anymore these days~ so what happened to them? Is it a regional thing? Did college hipsters grab them all up, for the sake of being "quirky" and "retro"? Am I just blind as a bat and am talking crazy again? Those ashtrays always reminded me of old ladies in the 70's who smoked and still used the same ashtrays they've had for 20 years. But you don't have to be a smoker to use them around the house. I use mine to hold spare change, candles and jewelry. And Valium. I mean vitamins.

Where did you go, funny little fugly/awesome ashtrays? The boomerang ashtray is one of those things that used to be cool then became a cliche then became cool again. Their low period was probably the late 90's, when they were almost a mockery, to anyone who decorated their home in mid-century modern stylings of the 50's and 60's. And now since they're getting harder to find they're becoming cool again. Like everything else, really. When it's around, it's lame. When it's nowhere, it's great. The human psyche is stupid. So here are some pretty rockin' ones, available as of now online.


Vintage Royal Haeger Boko Ashtray. I can't help it but the 12 year old in me keeps seeing a butt shape in this one. And I like it.


Vintage Orange & Olive Speckled Ashtray. Makes me want Cheetos. Now.


Vintage Royal Haeger Green Ashtray.


Vintage Flecked Shawnee Set of 2 Ashtrays. What a pair! Now you can double your storage of Valium! I mean vitamins.

"Ashtray Heart" by captain Beefheart

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  1. I know where all the ones in my family's house went...on the floor, busted, broken, knocked off the coffee table by the dog, etc. etc. They were heavy smokers and used the hell out of them. I remember there was one dark orange plastic boomerang ashtray left by the late 80's, and that melted from so many cigarettes. Wish I still had one or two now to keep M&M's in.