Thursday, August 27, 2009

How'd You Pin That One On Me

Did you ever notice that when you have no dough, you find everything that you want? Screw what you need, like Veruca Salt said "I want it NOW!" Word to the wise: never window shop when you don't have the resources to buy things that you'd sell your soul to the devil to have, if you hadn't done so half a dozen times already for a bag of Cheetos and a Cherry Coke.

I'm usually the junk jewelry kind of gal~ oh wait, I'm sorry, the PC term is "costume jewelry". I like cheap stuff, plastic crap, and I'm a huge fan of pins, especially the enamel flower types your Grandma wore in the 60's, that sort of thing. I'm not a girlie girl or high maintenance when it comes to accessories. No need to give me diamonds, I'd rather have the plastic gem ring out of the 25 cent candy machine at the supermarket. But I'm noticing that as I get older, I really need to upgrade my jewelry collection, make it a little more growns-up. That doesn't mean looking like everyone else in the crowd and resort to shopping for a dime-a-dozen crap from Kay Jewelers at the mall~ you can still have your vintage jewelry and eat it too. Or whatever.

So while window shopping online (computer screen shopping? I have no idea), I found some kickass-tacular vintage pins that have enough quirky flair (yes I said "flair", shut yer piehole) to please people like me, who refuse to grow up, yet they're growns-up enough to reflect that you're in fact, not 10 years old. But not just any random pins~ delicious, vintage 30's Bakelite pins. Ooooooo! (That's what you're supposed to say, as a collective crowd.) So even though moths are flying out of my wallet, doesn't mean that the rest of the world does, and I know you guys love you some Bakelite, correct? (This is where you collectively scream "hells bells yeah!)

Enjoy the wonders of the vintage Bakelite pin:


Vintage 30's Deco Butterscotch Brooch.


Vintage 30's Ribbon Bakelite & Celluloid Brooch. I *lovelovelove* pins that have dangly, jangly bits! So with that in mind, wait until you see the next 2...

...See? What'd I tell ya?! Swoon? I think so! Vintage 30's Amazing Cherries Cornucopia Bakelite Pin from Dorothea's Closet Vintage. But wait! There's more...

...More hanging bits! Love it! Another Vintage 30's Cherries Bakelite Pin from Dorothea's Closet Vintage.

"How'd You Pin That One On Me" by Dinosaur Jr.


  1. Oh dear, I feel sick with greed!!!

  2. The one at the top is just utterly fantastic. I haven't looked into them that seriously so I wouldn't even know if it's an appropriate price tag. But for me, part of the thrill of finding wonderful old things is also finding them at a bargain. So while I like to be optimistic that I could afford luxury someday, I'm not sure I'd really splash out for it. Probably I'd have more of what I like, rather than just paying more for it.

  3. Miss M~ I see your "sick with greed" and raise you a "Green with Envy" card!

  4. Lily~ I agree! There's nothing quite like finding something you *adore* and getting it a bargain! But I don't mind saving my pennies for something that is not only a great investment for the future, but also worth it, in the present!

  5. they are truly adorable but why are they so sickeningly expensive?!