Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gimme Some Lovin'

Just wanted to say a quick howdy-do to my new followers! I'm up to a whopping 69 new followers....You know I really wanna make a Beavis & Butthead-ian joke about that, but for the sake of retaining an iota of class and dignity, I will refrain. I'm just sayin', 69 is a funny number. The joke could write itself, people!

Just so you know: if you follow me, I will follow you right back! I'm all for helping a fellow blogger/vintage seller/crafty bitch/retrophile/sewing guru/grumpyass out when I can, so if you want to score some extra karma points like I do, follow along and I'll return the favor! A word to my ol' faithful followers: I'm in the process of following you guy! No worries, I'll get you all covered, assuming I remember or are sober enough.

So thank you, new followers! You're in for a trainwreck of good times.


"Gimme Some Lovin" by The Spencer Davis Group.


  1. you should have millions of followers. your philosophy (and Way Out Wednesdays) NEED be delivered to the masses!


  2. Aww, you're such a peach! I think I may scare people...Me! Nerdy McGeek! I wonder if people take me a little too seriously. But if you get mocked here, that really is like the ultimate compliment in my world!

  3. Howdy Kim
    Oh my 69 you say ,well I suppose your gonna have to do a retro kind of Endless summer from 1969 post for us :)
    Seriously I love your blog ,I have such a great time .
    Thank you for being so you :)
    Have a fabulous weekend !
    Happy Trails

  4. i've been following you - by putting you on my blogroll. does that count? i'm a newbie though and don't have much to offer. i agree with sparkleneely. congrats and keep doing what you do :)

  5. Thank you Terry! You're always such a peach! A good contrast to my grumble-iness.

    And thank yo too, Tom! BTW- of course you have something to offer! Hey, I'm still a relative newbie myself! I've only had this blog for a little over a year now!