Friday, June 26, 2009

My (Aqua) Blue Heaven Friday

It's been a weird few days, hasn't it? A few days ago, my perfectly working and perfectly kickass vintage 50's Toastmaster toaster went up in flames. Literally. And I mean "literally", not like "Oh my gawd, when I heard that Kirk Cameron was getting married, my head literally exploded and I literally died." Heartbreaker of a sitch: I bought that toaster new old stock, so I took great pleasure in knowing that I was the only person to have used it and there wasn't 50 years worth of old bread funk all up in there. Long story short: if you're gonna stick a taco shell in the toaster, make sure you watch it and not get all distracted by an old Weird Al song on youtube you haven't thought about in years. Not that I'd ever do a flaky and bonehead move like that. As if! Ok, I totally did. The 50's toaster, she is dead. Moment of silence while I play "Taps". Sigh. My heart literally just broke.

And in much more serious news, I know you've all heard about the passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. While I wouldn't say my heart literally broke over the news, I do remember MJ much more fondly than Farrah- I mean, I was a kid of the 80's, so of course his music made an impression. Silver gloves, Pepsi, moonwalking, hair on fire, I remember it all. My brother and I both had those ridonkulously fug Michael Jackson red zipper pleather jackets and concert tees. I still have them and will probably never sell them! Unfortunately, all the dirtbags and sleazoids will come out of the woodwork now to make a profit off their deaths, selling anything MJ or FF-themed they can get their hands on, and I wouldn't even doubt it if we started seeing much more grim and personal things out there for sale: "Michael's last used tissue!" I'm all for capitalism, but come on.

So today's special Aqua Blue Friday is gonna be a little different than usual, though there is aqua involved, so get off my jock people. Try to do something nice, gosh. Today is in memory of Farrah and Michael, to both I will say a hearty "salut!" to when I have a cocktail or 2 later. Which should be any minute now.


Vintage December 1978 Playboy with Farrah Fawcett.


Vintage 1977, iconic FF poster in original packaging.


Vintage 1984 Michael Jackson Colorforms never used and in their original packaging. Is it too soon or disrespectful to make a joke of a pervy nature? Well I don't care, I'm sayin' it anyway: it says "Rub N' Play". Rub 'n play, people! That's comedy gold right there.

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  1. Kim: It would take a far better person than myself to pass up this "Rub and Play" comic feast. What we have here is a rich vein of comic minerals - may I direct your attention to Michael Jackson (all due resepct, of course)and the oft-repeated "beat it" slogan? Remember, as the packages proudly declares: "Rub 'em Here! Rub 'em there. Rub 'em EVERYWHERE! (ages 3 and up).

    Really now, I cannot be expected to resist this. -- Mykal