Saturday, June 27, 2009

Insane In The Membrane


Seriously, stop it. It's grossing me out, man. I'm not entirely sure which, uhh, membrane they're referring to: a chick's southern country or of the sphincter variety. But I do know that I lurve vintage ads like these. They crack me the funk up because of their passive-aggressive and extremely roundabout ways of talking about personal hygiene without really coming right out and saying anything at all. Though I have to give them props for actually using the words "itching" and "vaginal" in the 50's. Bold move Lanacane, you crazy kids. Still, when I read it, this is what I pretty much take away from it: "Damn, girl! Did something crawl up and die in your nasty bits? Your skanky lower 40 needs a good hose-down. Here's a tube of Lanacane and a Brillo pad. Please scrub yourself immediately, like you would normally after any first date, before you set off the smoke detector. I mean, damn."

"Insane In The Membrane" by Cypress Hill.


  1. I always love seeing vintage ads and the like.

  2. We must be the only ones Keith, because it's been a ghost town around here!