Monday, June 29, 2009

Sister Christian


Thanks to a downward-spiralling economy and a lack of interest in their Broadway musical "Jesus Freaks", the Osmonds, headed by brother Donny as their "manager", started hooking down by the train tracks to bring in extra cash, but in true Osmond style, they did with a smile. Make sure to say hi to Old Man Jenkins as one of the girls takes you behind the Whistle Stop cafe. If you're feeling especially freaky, ask for the "Bible-Thump Hump", but beware: there's a whole lot of teeth involved.

"Sister Christian" by Night Ranger.


  1. Sorry I havent been around lately pally, how ya been? There is quite the possibility to knit quite a few sweaters out of that knit kit huh? Are you guys burning up out there thus far for the season?

    We be. At times. Not so bad this week though. Or so THEY say.

    So, whats shakin? Ive somewhat (or Ill admit, actually haved) missed our little tags back and forth on yer blog here.

    Get back to me gal pal.

  2. Wow, I was wondering where you've been! Thought maybe you left the planet! Hope everything's all good in your hood!

    Summer here has been grey and rainy and not at all hot. Seriously, there's been almost no sun for 3 weeks and although my inner goth loooves it, I can't get any decent pictures taken! So I write ridonkulous blogs instead. :)