Monday, June 1, 2009

Heavy Metal

By a show of hands, how many people here are charmed by Mad Men? One...two...ok, so like a million. And how many people are going slightly mad waiting for Series 3 to premier in August? Me too. It's not that the show is particularly awesome or anything, it's just that the clothes, the sky-high heels, the hot-ass men, the addicting soap opera-like plots, the music, the cars, the mid-century modern furniture...make it particularly awesome. Yesterday it seemed like the next season is still a jillion years away but today it only seems like 2 months away. You know, being as though yesterday was only May but today its all of June already.

One bastard of vintage fashion is the lack of props for certain swanky footwear. All the love goes to early 50's babydoll heels with the cutesy rounded bump toe or the fabulosity of swing-era 40's platforms. But how come no one realises the pure genius of late 50's/early 60's heels? Mad Men's cup runneth over with them, so they know what's up. 4 out of 5 men agree that the stiletto heel radiates pure sex. Also, I make up statistics when needed with no solid proof to back it up. Plus the super skinny pointy toe, while wreaking havoc on the foot and possibly causing irreparable damage down the road, is also hot as sin and a little bunionectomey is the price to pay for looking like a vampy piece-o-tail.

So today I'm featuring some of my favorite vintage 50's/60's heels, in metallics (delish!), whether they're gold or silver, have amazing heels or pointy toes, these shoes deserve some hot, hot lovin' and by god as my witness, they'll get their day in their sun. Oh yes, they'll get their day. (Was that dramatic enough?)

From MySweetiePiePie

From Little Vintage Violet

From Denisebrain

From Digs of Vaudeville

"Heavy Metal" by Judas Priest.


  1. Oh I'm a sucker for a pair of glittery heels.

    Only have to wait till August try the new year, season 2 has only just finished over here I'm so envious. I don't think I wait that long I may have to do some sneaky peeking on the net ;). Is it me or are Joan and Peggy swapping places and turning into each other????

  2. Oh, I love shoes! These are great samples!

    And I can't wait for Mad Men to return... although to be totally honest, the middle of the second season wasn't as good as the first season or the end of season 2.

    No matter how good or bad the show is, I'll still watch it for the clothes and the shoes... :)

  3. I melt for a hot pair of heels with an ankle strap. Its all about the ankle strap to me.

  4. Good call, anonymous! I forgot all about the delish ankle strap. (That may be a good blog idea for another day!)

  5. Chantelle- you're right, it did drag on for a while there, didn't it?! The finale, to me, was *really* irritating that Draper's wife is knocked up again. Sigh. I hoped for bigger things for her.

  6. Okay, speaking as a guy with s bit of a female foot fetish, thanks for the swell photos of those sexy shoes. As far as Mad Men goes, I've seen a few episodes and I really dig it but my girlfriend hates it because it reminds her of all the times men have been sexist towards her, so now we don't watch it anymore. Bummer.

  7. HUGE bummer, Monkey. You're missing out on such a fab show, otherwise. You must revolt! Or not. Your call.

  8. I have the silver ones! And I can't wear them anymore, due to an unfortunate incident that has rendered me flat. In the shoe department, that is...

    I can't wait for season 3, either... sounds silly, but I follow all the cast members on twitter to give me my fix.

  9. Spearkle, I follow them too! I wish *I* had thought of pretending to be a Mad Men cast member on twitter. I usually loathe the fake celebrities on there, but MM gets a pass!

  10. EXACTLY!!! I'm sick of Twitter -- I was dumb and added all this junk and have to go through and delete a bunch of stuff, but Mad Men's staying. Oh that Don Draper...

  11. Thanks sweetie, for featuring my Silver Confetti Heels. Especially thankful for the traffic. :-)