Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rock Around the Clock

I don't normally post very often over weekends, what with my incredibly amazing social calendar of arranging my garden gnomes, knitting scarves for my glass unicorns and drinking alone on my porch while adding my newest scratch-and-sniff stickers to the album (jealous?), but I wanted to share this before I forgot to tell you or passed out. (I'm kidding, people! GOSH. Like I would forget to tell you.)

Because I love vintage 50's pulp fiction paperbacks and I know you nerds like them too, you might dig this cardinal edition paperback of The Blackboard Jungle I found on Etsy, original, from 1955! Oh, those nutty juvenile delinquents with their devil's music and tight slacks.


Now if you'll excuse me, this pitcher of margaritas won't drink itself.


  1. Kim: You've found my weakness, you sly one. I love 1950's atomic age book covers and illustration. A real classic here. Looks like that young student in the red dress is about to give our teacher with the bow tie an education he won't soon forget. Now, I insist, back to those margaritas. -- Mykal

  2. Hi
    I got my package in the mail wow oh wow am I happy .
    I am doing a little happy dance good thing I don't live in an upstairs apartment anymore :)
    I won the cool retro bridge cloth with the salad bowl cross stitched with a fork .
    Yeah !!!
    I love it !!!
    So I am a happy nerdy nutty vintage linen freak I can live with that.
    Hey how about sharing your maragaritas ?
    After all a cool sassy kitten has got to celebrate lifes big moments.
    I won a giveaway and trust me that is a big deal for this vintage kitten.
    So either invite me over or I'll have to go make my own pitcher of cocktails and celebrate alone .
    That's cool I can like handle it .
    Seriously thank you so much .
    I really do love the vintage linen cloth .
    I don't have a working camera but as soon as I can I will let you know what I did with it !
    Have a fabulous weekend .

  3. Hi, Mykal! Aren't these old covers just too cool? (They beat Fabio-dripping Danielle Steele covers any day!)

  4. Kim: They are indeed too cool. I am going to scan one now and then over at my place in my Atomic Age Art Gallery sidebar (thanks for coming on board, BTW!).

  5. Oh, excellent! It'll look awesome over at your place- which I need to come over and do a little posting on myself! Thank YOU for coming on board! You rock.