Friday, May 29, 2009

The Aqua Net

I think it's time to add another regular, themed day-of-the-week, don't you? Something along the lines of what Way-Out Wednesdays are around these here parts, only not as odd. Or maybe it will be, who knows at this point. What gave me the idea was a convo (I said "convo" like I'm hip with the modern lingo or something) I was having with some peeps recently about specific colors of things they love. Personally, I collect original pink 50's things and it's gotten to the point where my house looks like it wharfed up a bottle of Pepto. (It's getting a little too girlie up in here y'all, and am starting to re-think my decor plan, but that's another story.) Some people like the 40's red and white kitchen schtick, some people go the mid-century modern/minimalist earth-tone route. But one thing that just about everyone I know agrees on is the color aqua. What gives? Why do 50's fans so dig the aqua?

So starting today and every Friday from now on, I'll be posting aqua-hued vintage finds, because apparently what I really need to be doing is making more themes for this blog. Monday's looking a little bare, so I might have to do a Monday-Wednesday-Friday theme thing. ANYWAY. Onto the first installment of Aqua Net Fridays. (Ha! What a cleverly stupid name. I'm so easily amused.)

Today's aqua love is in the form of vintage 50's stools, taken out of an original A & W, so the story goes. They're located in Nebraska, of course, because all great old finds are stuck in the midwest, aren't they? (But if you really have the hots for them, the owner can ship them to you. Click the pic for the listing and all the gory details.) Screw the happy family soda shop thing, I would sooo mosey these stools up to the bar!


  1. Those are super bad ass!

  2. I love aqua :)

    Aqua net sort of sounds like a hairspray. But I still love it as a theme.


  3. Chantelle~ I know, exactly! It'll have to do until I can come up with a catchier name for friday's theme!

  4. I think those look so cool!