Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu

Always the beacon of good taste and appropriateness, I thought today's Way-Out Wednesday should be dedicated to those pigs who are infecting the lower 48. And I don't mean the cast of Rock of Love. Thankyouverymuch. (Whaa? Is that not funny anymore?) No, I'm talking about a pig of a different color. So today's theme is in honor of a little something you might have heard of, the swine flu! Because you're not totally sick of hearing about it, right? I promise there will be no overdone jokes, though. This is a "stupid jokes about Kermit banging Miss Piggy and hence the swine flu was born"-free zone. But today's vintage finds of course have to have a theme, so why not make it all about the pigs? It's a porktacular! (Which is a word that I find so delightfully raunchy, since the only time I really use the word "pork" in a sentence is in reference to the act of porking, a la every early 80's teen comedy you've ever seen starring a Ringwald or a Cusack.) Let's move on to the porkfest, already... (OK, "porkfest?" I can't stop with the pork innuendos, I really can't. I'm sorry, I tried. Porkfest. Am I the only one who finds that word great? I am? Moving on.)


(It says "bone", uh huh huh huh. Sorry. The force is strong with this one.)

So now, on to today's Way-Out Wednesday's vintage hamtastic finds! (Ok, I'll stop already). All the items below are (as of right now) for sale, and so you know, I have zero affiliation with any of the sellers. Click any picture to take you to that listing, should you need more porking good fun in your life. (No really, I'm done.)

A disturbing vintage 50's tablecloth. Look at their wee faces, they totally know what's gonna happen next. Creepy...which I why I love it. Plus, I wish I had one of those oh-so-mid-century brick bbq pits like the dude has in the background. (Just like the one that Lucy and Ethel took apart to find Lucy's ring and put back together all half-assed and wrong.)

A ham tile. Right. Cool idea this seller has: take old tiles, cover with vintage ephemera (like pictures from 50's cookbooks or old magazine ads) and upcycle them into usable "art" again. I love that idea! But a ham roast tile? That isn't (Ha!)

Now we know who to blame for the swine flu. Jackie Gleason the infected ham.

Not vintage, but how cool are they? Teeny little ham sammiches! I love wee things! I wish I had the patience to do crafty things like this. I just love the randomness of these- ham sammich earring? Why not!

Male Chauvinist notepad from 1980! I love that. I bet some 80's douchey businessman type of guy got this as a gag gift from someone who bought it at Spencer's. And then did a line of blow off it.

"Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu" by Johnny Rivers


  1. Great post! Those lil sandwichs are amazing and so detailed.

  2. Don't forget Monkey: there's always room for pork jello.

  3. Thanks, Darla! I can't stand how little and cute those earring are! I want 400 pair of different kinds of sandwiches and food. Is that weird?

  4. Fears about the swine flu sure haven't stopped my family from eating pork at all. I don't think if they said on the news not to eat it that it would stop my family.

  5. Same here, Keith. Just had ribs the other day- I'm not sure I can stop either!

  6. Those earrings are amazing! The texture of the bread is even perfect... that person has talent. To make amazing earrings, at least.

    I'm pretty sure that we can't get swine flu from eating pork.... although I do wonder how those pigs in Alberta got the swine flu.