Thursday, April 23, 2009

Johnny Angel

Yesterday was my main man, John Waters' birthday! Seems like it was only yesterday he was writing tales of murderous moms (aren't we all) and housewives in drag. He can be "thanked" for helping launch Ricki Lake's "career" (Ok, so I did like her talk show back in the early 90's, I admit it. I was young, what did I know? Then she got all PETA-y on our asses, handcuffing herself to the subway for animal rights or some dumb shit and is somehow an "expert" on child birthin', like anyone gives a rat's ass that she popped out a litter with no drugs and she lost all kinds of weight and isn't even cool in a "Gen X nostalgia" kind of way and all that makes me kind of hate her. Plus, I hear she's gonna replace Sharon Osbourne on VH1's Charm School. Way to go Ricki, you've really "made it" as a class act now. Sigh.)....What was I talking about?! (Damn you Ricki Lake for making me lose track.) Oh. Right. John Waters.


He made trailer parks cool again and brought kitsch back. And even at 63 (holy --! seriously! 63!) he's still one of the few celebrities that I'd kill to hang out with. And makes a normally-creepy mustache look William Powell~ esque in that swanky Old Hollywood way that few have been able to pull off since. (Except Dali. And Burt Reynolds. And Frida Kahlo.)

To honor this film great, please enjoy Cry Baby, my most favorite of Waters flicks. (Also enjoy that piece of hot, hot lovin', Mr. Johnny Depp.)

"Johnny Angel" by Shelley Fabares.


  1. Are you sure you're not me? I love John Waters.

  2. Maybe I'm you in an alternate universe. Or we're cousins. Identical cousins. I call Patty! (You get to be the other one.)

  3. I love John Waters, but I got confused when you started talking about him launching Ricki Lake and making trailer parks cool and I thought, Man, here I was thinking his best work was on Play School and All the Rivers Run. Then I googled the name and found out there are two. No offence but mine is better looking.

  4. That's hilarious! I had no idea there was another John Waters out there- well, it's a pretty generic name so I guess it's not all that weird. But still. I'll have to check out the other one!

  5. I love John Waters. I've been a big fan since I can remember. He's one of the few living celebs I would actually like to meet and hang out with.