Friday, April 24, 2009

And the Winner...

...of the vintage 50's sunglasses is...


Shrinky Inky! Yay, woohoo, huzzah and all that! Shrinks, (do ya like how I call you "Shrinks"? Yeah, I didn't think so), drop me a line with yer important info and we'll be ready to rock. You drive, all incognito-like, with your sunglasses on for night driving. I'll be drunk in the backseat, chain smoking and rambling about kids these days and their damn jazz records.

Thanks to everyone, newcomers and oldcomers (is that word?) alike! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for May's Vintage Free Crapola Giveaway! (I don't know why I capitalized that. For dramatic effect, maybe.)


  1. These are some great dresses I especially love the ones that are pre 1910, those are just amazing. I was looking on google and found your blog by accident and I love it. Take care!

    xo Darla

  2. Very cool! Thanks for popping in Darla and please stop by anytime and say howdy!