Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Tree Boogie

Because I'm especially fond of A.) making lists B.) structure and C.) themes, I'm going to be doing "The 12 Days of Christmas" vintage-style for the next 12-ish days, where I might find some kind of vintage item that goes with the day, maybe some vintage vinyl, maybe some random retro shout-out, or perhaps nothing at all related, just to screw with your heads. It should be 12 days in a row, but I'm a fan of slack and also I forget alot, so it'll probably be more like the 17 ½ days of Christmas. Does it not sound terribly confusing, more work than it should be and not at all fun? Will I ruin Christmas, Hanukkah and possibly even Boxing Day? Good. Let's start!

On the First day of Xmas my true love gave to me...

...a partridge in a pear tree...


You don't have to say it. I know this is quite possibly the lamest picture I've ever had the displeasure of finding on the internets, next in line to the nude picture of Pete "homo-erotic" Wentz that's floating around out there, but do you know that there is nothing great in vintage land to show you for neither partridges nor pear trees? (Unless you find a 1980's Avon partridge in a pear tree collectible figurine with Bonnie Belle gingerbread Lipsmacker lip gloss hidden inside a great vintage score. Then it's your lucky day and I think you may also be mentally disabled from smoking too much of the crack and I will have to say GOOD DAY SIR. (See? Christmas is such a freaking joy already! I'm already yelling at crackheads and it's only day one!)

* "Christmas Tree Boogie" by the Swing Cats


  1. great idea w/ the 12 or eh, 17 days, I likey a lot.

    Danny Bonaduce, hah, I used to do shots w/ him at a certain place back home in Chicago. Good times.

    Good guy, nice as can be as long as you are not a cross dresser.

  2. Get the hell outta here! That's incredibly hilarious and wrong and awesome at the same time.

  3. Yeah, at one point, when his alcoholism was out of control, he'd stop in at the club/bar I worked at rather often. Thats when we became friends and drinkin buddies.

    Fuckin bastard nearly killed me one night w/ jagermeister.