Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On the THIRD Day Of Christmas... true love gave to me...3 French Mens...


I don't know who these guys are in this 50's photo, but I have a question for them. Are they American? They probably are, because we have a bad rep for doing stupid, corny crap like this in foreign countries and making total asses of ourselves, prolonging the image of Americans being stupid, corny asses in foreign countries. All they're missing is a beret, a black & white striped shirt and attempting to mime being stuck in a box to really bring it home. I visited France many moons ago when I was living in England and I recall doing the obligatory "must see the Eiffel Tower" thing. Though I mimed "trying to stay sober while incoherently attempting to speak rudimentary one-semester-of-college-French while stuck in a box" and pretty much failed miserably. And I'm sure I too did my fair share of nerdy things, of which I can't remember. On the other hand, perhaps they're French and this is just a bunch of Paris-dwelling dudes (also called Parisians, if you're, you know, grammatically not an idiot), and this is their attempt at being humorous in an ironic sort of way. Eating grapes. In France. Under the Eiffel Tower. Oh, you crazy cats, you. No matter who they are or what their dorky deal is, I must say that this display of wit and tomfoolery in no way matches the comedic genius of Jerry Lewis.


  1. Hells no! Jerry Lewis rules! It will be a very sad day when he passes on. I try to catch as much of his telethon every Labor Day weekend as I can and I also donate because he is doing such great work.

    When him and Dean were together makin flicks, it was effin hysterical!

  2. Are they leaning on a casket?

  3. That's so funny, I never noticed that until now! Maybe they're feasting on the brains of their dead enemy...or whatever. Nah, I think it's a car. But I like casket better, so we'll just go with that.