Monday, December 1, 2008

...On the SECOND Day of Christmas... true love gave to me...2 turtlenecks and a partridge in a pear tree."

The Catholic school girls knew that initiating Marlon Brando into their scooter gang would give them the street cred they needed.

Vintage knitting pattern book seen above starring the faux Brando, "Suddenly There's Scotch Mist", available at Paisley Path. Suddenly I could used a mist of scotch.

What do a guy making the "cool dude pose" trying to impress the ladies, a guy unsuccessfully heiling Hitler, a guy in a logging accident which cut off half his body, a guy wondering where he got that cold sore, a guy who just had laser eye surgery that went horribly wrong, a guy trying not laugh because he just ripped one, a guy who's downwind that just caught a whiff of the ripped one and a guy who gave the other guy that cold sore all have in common? They're all better than you because they used the new-fangled "Choose-O-Matic" to make their boring sweaters and you did not.

Vintage 60's book of men's sweater patterns available at Crafty Paneen. There's even a pattern for golf club covers. (There better be, dammit.)

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  1. Ive never had scotch. I used to be a gin and tonic kind of guy, before that, a beer snob, recently, it was margaritas, now, I dont really drink at all.