Friday, November 14, 2008

Stray Cat Strut

Are there any cat people in the house? And not the kind of cat people such as in the 1942 film. Ironically called... Cat People.


What happens is this chick turns into a panther when she's angry...or there's a full moon, maybe... or bored...I don't know, something happens, I forget alot of minor details of the movie, such at the main plot. I haven't seen it since my Film Noir class in college back in '94, and considering I can't even remember what happened yesterday, it's amazing I remember the movie title at all, and I SWEAR I have a point, which I'm getting to a second. GEEZE.

I myself am not a cat people. In fact, I rather do not enjoy the company of felines. Not to mention I'm allergic to them, so there's also that, besides my blinding distrust and annoyance by them. Actually, I can't stand them. SOR-REE, but I'm a dog kind of girl. Which is why it's all the more ridonkulous that there is a cat that seems to always be around, all up in my grill. You know what I could use? I could use Alf in a time like this.


This one particular cat never comes even remotely close to us, staying a good 15 feet away at all times. But he's always skulking about in the far back yard, swatting at imaginary things and tracking some imaginary critter. I think he's a stray, but never gets close enough so I can check if he has a collar or not. I'm not entirely sure it's a "he". Maybe it's a "she". Hmm. I think it's a boy cat, because he winked at me once. Anyhow, the he/she cat is scared to death of us, but every single morning I wake up to find him sleeping on the front porch. As soon as I open the door he makes a mad dash the hell out of here. I mean, he's harmless and has the courtesy to use the McDonald's bathroom down the street and not my yard. But every stinking freaking morning he's on the porch. What the hell is your problem, CAT?

So. Cat people. Do tell. What does it all mean? Is he our protector? Does he secretly watch out over us, keeping the house rodent-free by his jungle-like stealth of critter-hunting? Is he our guardian angel sent by sweet baby Jebus with a really sick sense of humor?

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